Stanton Community Center

Please Note:  The Stanton Community Center operates under the direction of the City of Annapolis and Annapolis Recreation and Parks for weather-related cancellations and closings. Please go to this link to learn more.

Artist Lee Boynton stands in front of the Stanton Community Center. He recently restored the building's outdoor mural.


Winning In Sport and Education at Annapolis Stanton Community Center to showcase some of the best of the best. Competitors took on a replica NBA Style skills course. Winners won Movie Passes, Game Stop gift cards and trophies.

About the Stanton Community Center

The Stanton Community Center, a newly renovated historic city building located at 92 West Washington Street in Annapolis, Maryland, has provided its community with a plethora of services for a number of years. Moreover, the center has a rich historical background, which still has a visual presence in the building today. The center displays historical portraits of Annapolis' diverse community and features many offices, multi-purpose gymnasium, a commercial kitchen, fitness area, historic classroom, media center with computers, and two conference/meeting rooms. The Stanton Community Center serves as a community resource for children and adults, in fact, community organizations' offices are located in this building that provide children and adults with recreational and cultural enrichment opportunities and health, medical, therapeutic, and counseling services.

Mission Statement of the Stanton Community Center

The mission of the Stanton Community Center is to improve the quality of life for all residents of Annapolis by providing a wide variety of human services that include leisure and cultural activities, special events, facilities and services that encourage health fitness, relaxation, enjoyment, cultural enrichment and learning as well as providing opportunities for community involvement.

Rental Information

To obtain information about renting the Stanton Community Center, please call at 410-295-5519. You may also contact Archie Trader at or Debbie Odum at for rental information and bookings. We ask that you please review the Facility Rental Policies ahead of time.

Recreation and Parks Department

The Recreation and Parks Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Annapolis by providing a wide variety of superior programs and activities that encourage physical and social health, community pride, relaxation, and enjoyment of the city's open space, parks and waterways. Stanton Community Center is one of the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department's indoor facilities. For more information, please call 410-263-7966.