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The latest draft of the sector plan as of Friday, August 31st is now available. The planning team made several critical improvements to the July version of the draft in response to the constructive feedback received on the document. To summarize the changes since the July draft, this version includes a reorganization of solutions and actions with associated goals, a reworking of maps and graphics plus many other new visual cues, further clarification of the study's approach and recommendations, and a new executive summary. This version will be presented to the Planning Commission for formal public review on November 1st.

In the meantime, the changes from the 2nd draft in June to the 3rd draft in July are also still viewable, as are the actual 3rd draft plan and technical appendices and 2nd draft plan and technical appendices. For those interested in the complete evolution of the draft plan from Aprill 11th, when it was first introduced during the 3rd public meeting, to now, start with the 1st draft plan.

The draft, now ready for formal public review has been steered by the input received from residents and other stakeholders offering guidance throughout, and by the four public meetings, the three surveys, as well as the many other stakeholder meetings. Through the process the planning team has become well-informed of the issues the public has identified and the improvements they would like to see implemented as a result.

Presentation of the Public Review Draft

Planning Commission Power Point Forest Drive and Eastport Sector Study Nov. 1

Presentation of the 2nd Draft Plan

Public Meeting 4 Presentation

Presentation of the 1st Draft Plan

April 11 Presentation

Draft Plan and Technical Appendices as of Aug. 31st, 2018

Title page 8-31-18

Draft Plan as of July 26th, 2018

Full Draft

Title Page 7-26-18

Technical Appendices

Technical Appendices 7-26-18

Draft Plan as of May 31st, 2018

Full Draft

Title Page

Technical Appendices

Technical Appendices 5-31-18

1st Draft Plan as of April 11th, 2018

Title Page Apr 11