Central Purchasing Office

Central Purchasing Office is responsible for various procurement efforts for all departments. It approves and processes purchase orders for various vendors and conducts competitive bidding to establish contracts for goods, services and projects.

Central Purchasing Office is a subdivision of the Finance Department.

GovDeals provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the Internet. Search for Annapolis on GovDeals to see available items.

Procurements - September 2018

Current Procurements

RFQ 17-07 – Design-Build-Operate-Maintain for Water Services for Water Quality Management Best Management Practices

- Awarded to GreenVest.  Agreement in process.

IFB 18-11 – Taylor Avenue Fire Station Metal Roof Replacement

- Awarded to SGK Contracting.  Agreement in process.

RFP 18-16 Community Notification System

- Five proposals received.  Review in progress.

IFB 19-03 – Recycling, Yard Trimmings and Refuse Collection Services

- Bids due 10/3.

 RFP 19-04 – Comprehensive Plan Update

- Proposals due 10/4.

 RFQ 19-07 – Truxtun Pool Replacement – Design/Build Services

- Qualifications due 9/18.

 IFB 19-09 – Lab Services – Analysis and Sample Collection

- Bids due 9/27.

Completed Procurements

RFP 14-14 DPW Maintenance Facilities – Design/Build Services

- Awarded to Gardiner & Gardiner.  Design/pricing under review.  Building demolition complete.

RFP 15-23 – Upper West Street Sector Study

- Awarded to AECOM.  Study completed.  City Council presentation pending. 

RFP 16-06 – Energy Performance Contracting

- Awarded to Honeywell International.  Project schedule to be updated.

RFP 17-12 – Forest Drive Sector Study

- Awarded to The Faux Group.  Project scheduled for November 2018 completion.

 RFP 17-14 Stormwater and Flood Mitigation Design 

- Awarded to AECOM.  Detailed design/construction documents scheduled for December 2018 completion.

RFB 18-06 – Tennis Court Replacement – Design Services

- Awarded to Century Engineering.  Project scheduled for September 2018 completion.

IFB 18-12 - ADOT Oil Interceptor Replacement

- Awarded to RCFS, Inc.  Project scheduled for October 2018 completion.

IFB 18-13 – Central Street Water Main Replacement 

- Awarded to Schummer, Inc.  Project scheduled for February 2019 completion.

Pending Procurements

IFB 19-05 – Sidewalk Replacement Program

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.

RFP 19-06 – Water/Sewer Repair – On-Call Services

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD

IFB 19-10 – Eastport Fire Station Expansion – Construction Services

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.

RFP 19-11 – DPW Standard Specifications and Details Update

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.

IFB 19-13 – Jefferson Water Tank – Repair/Repaint Interior and Exterior

- Draft in progress.  Anticipated release TBD.