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Annapolis Transportation’s Adopt-a-Stop Program

Adopt a city bus stop and help keep the City of Annapolis a beautiful and clean place to live, work and visit!

bus stop shelterAnnapolis Transportation’s Adopt-a-Stop program relies on community partnership to maintain bus stops throughout the City. Individuals or groups can apply to adopt a bus stop for a commitment of one year. The adopting organization pledges to keep their adopted bus stop clean and perform the duties as listed below.

Bus stop adopters will be publicly recognized with a sign at the adopted bus stop and recognition on the Annapolis Transportation website. 

Annapolis Transportation bus stops that can be adopted.

For questions or more information, please call 410-263-7964.

Adopt-a-Stop participants will:woman cleaning bus stop shelter

  • Adopt one (or more) Annapolis Transportation bus stops for one year. View a list of adoptable stops.
  • Maintain (at least once a week) the adopted bus stop by being responsible for trash pickup. The Adoptee is expected to empty trash receptacles and remove trash within the area of the bus stop and any related bus shelter.
  • When it snows, the Adoptee must clear a path from the bus stop shelter to the curb and apply ice melt.
  • The Adoptee must immediately report vandalism, graffiti and any safety issues to Annapolis Department of Transportation at: 410-263-7964 or email:
  • All individuals or groups must sign a Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement before participating in this program.
  • View the Adopt-a-Stop Agreement Form and Safety Tips.

Annapolis Transportation will:

  • At the participant’s request, remove graffiti, trim overgrown grass and make necessary bus stop repairs.
  • Install a trash receptacle at the adopted stop.
  • Provide safety vests for adopters to wear while cleaning the bus stop.

For performing the above listed duties, the participant will: