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Presentation used during the meeting

The Maritime Task Force has been established to assist the City in crafting a future direction for Annapolis’ working Maritime waterfront.  The Maritime Task Force is comprised of residents, maritime industry businesses and tenants and maritime district property owners all of whom have a stake in ensuring that Annapolis Maritime Industry will thrive and the maritime districts can be sustained into the future.

Annapolis’ Maritime Districts were created in 1987 to protect the working maritime industry, it’s boatyards, marinas and service industry, from the development pressure facing the waterfront districts.  Four separate Maritime Districts, each reflecting the type of maritime activity in that district, were created:

  • Waterfront Conservation District (WMC)- City Dock;
  • Waterfront Mixed Maritime (WMM)-Eastport, Sixth Street to First Street;
  • Waterfront Maritime Eastport-Three Eastport Locations including Back Creek, First Street and the area south of the Eastport Bridge; and,
  • Waterfront Maritime Industrial (WMI)-Bembe Beach side of Back Creek

The City adopted Resolution R-46-20 to establish the Maritime Task force to evaluate the Maritime Industry, the functionality of the Maritime Districts and water safety /waterfront access.  The objectives for the Maritime Task Force include:

  • Strengthening the Maritime Industry;
  • Providing greater public on -water and waterfront access; and,
  • Creating a sustainable future for the Maritime Districts

Link to the signed resolution

The Maritime Task Force will hold work sessions with the City Planning Commission as the Task Force’s findings and recommendations will serve as an Amendment to the forthcoming Comprehensive Plan.  The Task Force recommendations will be presented to both the Planning Commission and City Council to serve as the basis for the future land use/ zoning direction for the Maritime Districts. City staff from the Planning Department and the City Manager’s Office are actively involved in coordinating and facilitating the work of the Task Force.  The links below include the Maritime Task Force’s work sessions and ongoing Task Force activities.

Maritime Task Force - schedule
Maritime Districts map

Kickoff Meeting

The Maritime Task Force officially kicked off with a meeting on November 20 between stakeholders and City staff where the state of the Annapolis waterfront and maritime industry was discussed, and the factors affecting their future.

Powerpoint presentation from the meeting

Task Force Working Groups

Following the kickoff meeting, stakeholders were organized into smaller working groups to convene in more detail around a particular maritime topic as follows:

For additional information about the Task Force, please contact Eric Leshinsky, Chief of Comprehensive Planning, at

Task Force and Working Team Members

  • Jon Arason - ACM Representative
  • Clarence Blackwell - Yacht Haven of Annapolis
  • Marcellous Butler - Butler's Marina
  • Amy Clement - Spa Creek Conservancy
  • Jana Davis - Chesapeake Bay Trust / Property Owner
  • Debby Dillon - Eastport Resident
  • Alice Estrada - Maritime Museum
  • Mary Ewenson - SpinSheet
  • Jen Flake - North Point Yacht Sales
  • Debbie Gosselin - AYC
  • John Hammond or Larry Schubnell - Financial Expert
  • Keasha Haythe - Anne Arundel Economic Development
  • Jeff Holland - Riverkeeper
  • Rob Jabin - Bert Jabin's Boat Yard
  • Tarry Lomax - Maritime Advisory Board
  • Pete McDevitt - Ward One
  • Mark Mhley - War One Resident
  • John Norton - Annapolis Harbor Boat Yard
  • Wendy O'Sullivan - NPS
  • Jeremiah Pace - Ward Three
  • Vic Pascoe - Ward Eight
  • Dick Peterson - Ward Eight
  • Sally Reuther - Annapolis Hybrid Marine
  • Dan Roche - Eastport Yacht Center
  • Jeremy Rose - Safe Harbors Marinas
  • Kevin Ryman - Chesapeake Boating Club
  • Chris Schein - Architect
  • Dr. Wilford Scott - Maritime History/ Implementation
  • Patrick Shaunessy - Farr Yacht Design
  • Larry Shubnell - Financial Expert
  • John Stefancik - Chesepeake Bay Magazine
  • Cardie Templeton - WP Nautical
  • Scott Tinker - Port Annapolis
  • Mike Tomassini - Eastport Business Association
  • Bob Waldman - Planning Commission
  • Leo Wilson - Architect
  • Susan Zellers - Maritime Trades Association