The Annapolis Harbor has both public rental and private annual mooring buoys available. The 76 public rental moorings are located in Spa and Back Creeks in five separate mooring fields that vary in maximum allowable vessel LOA, and pricing. Public moorings are rented on a first-come-first-served basis with the exception of City-sponsored special events. Private annual mooring buoys are located in Weems, Spa, and Back Creeks, as well as the Severn River. They are to be utilized only by vessels for which valid Annual Mooring Permits have been issued.

Annual Moorings

Annapolis City Code allows for boat owners the opportunity to apply for an Annual Mooring Permit at approved locations in City Waters (PDF). The applications are available at the Harbormaster's Office, and the fee schedule is listed below. For more information, call or visit the main office.

The fee to be added to a waiting list is $50. There are four separate waiting lists for Weems Creek, Spa Creek, Back Creek, and the Severn River. The fee applies to each individual waiting list when applying to more than one location.

Once a private annual mooring buoy becomes available in the according wait-list location, the annual application fee is $50.

The fee for the Annual Mooring Permit: residents, the annual cost is $1,000; non-residents, the annual cost is $1,800. For commercial use, the annual cost is $1,950.

Transient Moorings


Main Field 1 - 40 $35 per night
The largest and most popular mooring field is in Spa Creek between the Spa Creek Bridge and the Naval Academy. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 55 feet LOA.

Saint Mary's Cove 41 - 60 $25 per night
Just past the Spa Creek Draw Bridge, headed westbound on your starboard side. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 35 feet LOA.

Well's Cove 61 - 66 $30 per night
Continuing further west up Spa Creek past the Number 3 day marker, on your port side. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 45 feet LOA

Truxtun Park 67 - 71 $30 per night
Further up past Well's Cove, also on your port side, is the final mooring field located in Spa Creek. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 45 feet LOA.

Back Creek 72 - 76 $30 per night
There is one field located between Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard and Port Annapolis in Back Creek. These moorings can accommodate vessels up to 45 feet LOA.

Weekly Rates

Weekly rates are available for all public mooring fields. The weekly rate consists of payment for six days at the daily rate for that field, and then the seventh day is included at no charge.



  • The checkout time is noon of each day.
  • Customers are welcome to switch mooring balls once they have registered as long as they notify the Harbormaster's Office, and pay any additional cost if moving to a more expensive mooring.
  • If you wish to take your boat off of the mooring at any time, your mooring becomes available to other boaters unless a dinghy or tender is secured to the buoy pendant.
  • No rafting on the moorings or docks. Permitting vessels to raft shall be cause for revocation of docking or mooring privileges. The owner of the rafting vessel may be cited.