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    Gavin Buckley

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State of the City

Dear Annapolis residents,

I know that people in our community are worried about the COVID-19 pandemic and the threats to our health as well as to the local economy. We in the City recognize how devastating this is for everyone. These next weeks are a test of our unity as a city government and as a community.

We are working to contain and mitigate the spread of this virus while preparing our City to come out on the other side. Please know that City staff are working hard to not only deliver public safety services but also to look ahead to how businesses survive, how schoolchildren get back to school, how we return to recreating in this City we all love so dearly. 

Stay tuned to our newly formed Small Business Recovery Task Force, a committee formed to help businesses and workers displaced during the pandemic and to help envision what operating a business in our City will look like when the State of Emergency is lifted. For this Task Force, we have a dynamic group of people from all Wards of the City and from all industries who are volunteering their time to investigate and report on best practices and innovative ideas to help us recover. 

We are also looking at opportunities for the City of Annapolis to participate in more widespread testing, including antibody testing, and contact tracing. These are the ways we get our people and our community back to normal in the most confident way possible.

Our city has a rich history. We have experienced periods of extreme hardship over our three centuries. Based on this history, I know that we will emerge from this pandemic into a new normal. In the meantime, please be kind to the essential workers who are doing their best during extremely trying times. Let’s continue to remind ourselves that we are a City full of love and compassion. 

-Mayor Gavin Buckley (April 15, 2020)


This office is responsible for the overall management of the City government. The City of Annapolis has a "Mayor-Council" form of government in which the Mayor chairs the City Council and also serves as the chief executive of the city government. The Mayor's Office is responsible for managing all city departments and carrying out the policies adopted by the City Council.


The Mayor serves a four-year term and is elected citywide at the same time as the eight Aldermen/women are elected from their respective wards. Unlike the Alderpersons who have no term limits, the Mayor is term-limited to two consecutive four-year terms.