Transaction Safe Place

Transaction Safe Place Logo

In a proactive effort to safeguard our citizens, the Annapolis Police Department is welcoming the public to our department to close their online transactions in a safer way. Online sites, like Craigslist or online yard sales, require some transactions to be conducted in person. Transaction Safe Place offers our department's parking lot and lobby to the public as a place to meet and to handle their transactions.

Along with our commitment to the personal safety of both the buyers and sellers, the Annapolis Police Department is also committed to ensuring the transactions do not involve stolen merchandise. If you want us to check the item, come into our lobby at 199 Taylor Avenue and request to have an officer check the item's serial number against national databases.


In our parking lot you'll see a green parking spot that is specifically for internet purchase exchanges.


How it Works

Come to our parking lot or lobby, conduct your transaction and leave, or you can come into the police department main entrance and push the call button to talk to our dispatchers. Tell them you are there for Transaction Safe Place and they will have an officer respond to check the item.

For more information about Transaction Safe Place call 410-268-9000 or email the Police Department.