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Name Appointed Reappointed Expires
Frederick C. Sussman, Chair 7/11/09 7/22/2019 12/6/2021
James A. Cardillo  9/10/18  7/22/2019 12/6/2021
Faye Currie 9/23/13 10/8/2018 12/6/2021
Bob Burdon, Vice Chair  7/11/09 7/17/2019 12/6/2021
Frank Brown  12/17/12 12/16/2013 12/4/2017
Edward Meehan 7/22/2019   12/6/2021


To advise the mayor and aldermen/alderwomen on financial issues. These issues shall include, but not be limited to, the review of collective bargaining agreements prior to execution and an annual report on the amount of public debt the City may incur without jeopardizing its bond rating.


Seven persons with demonstrated knowledge of public finance, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority vote of the City Council. Each member shall serve a term of 4 years, commensurate with the term of the Mayor and City Council, or until the member's successor is confirmed.

City Code

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