Boards & Commissions Listing

  1. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

    Learn about the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

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  2. Annapolis Conservancy Board

    The duties of the Conservancy Board are to solicit the dedication of properties, real and personal, to the City; administer and manage said properties; encourage the preservation of environmentally sensitive land; further implement the goals for improving water quality; provide for the development of additional recreational resources of the City.

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  3. Art in Public Places Commission

    View information about the Art in Public Places Commission.

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  4. Board of Appeals

    The Board of Zoning Appeals' duties are to hear certain appeals from decisions of the Planning and Zoning Director, special exceptions, variances, and other Planning and Zoning matters.

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  5. Board of Supervisors of Elections

    The board shall have charge of and make provisions for all municipal elections to be held in the City, or any part of the City, including every general, primary and special election.

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  6. Building Board of Appeals

    The Building Board of Appeals hears and decides appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the building official relative to the application and interpretation of the Code.

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  7. Civil Service Board

    Their duties include; to review and make recommendations to the City council regarding the classification and pay plan of the City, to adopt certain rules governing the Civil Service, to hear certain personnel appeals, and to review requests for promotions and for merit pay increases.

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  8. Commission on Aging

    Learn about the Commission on Aging and view a listing of the members.

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  9. Compensation Commission

    This Commission was established pursuant to City Council Resolution R-29-16.

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  10. Education Commission

    Read information about the Education Commission.

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  11. Environmental Commission

    Learn about the Environmental Commission.

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  12. Ethics Commission

    See the composition and the membership of the Ethics Commission.

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  13. Financial Advisory Commission

    Access information about the Financial Advisory Commission and see a list of the members.

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  14. Heritage Commission

    Discover information about the Heritage Commission such as past agendas and minutes and the commission's duties.

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  15. Historic Preservation Commission

    Learn about the composition and see a list of members that make up the Historic Preservation Commission.

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  16. Human Relations Commission

    Learn about the commission on human relations, including their duty and composition.

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  17. Maritime Advisory Board

    The board provides expert and informed analysis of facts relating to the marine industry and pleasure boating to the City Council or City agencies, and provides advice to the City concerning the administration of the Maritime Industry Economic Development Program and Fund.

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  18. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission reviews and decides planned developments and subdivisions, reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed comprehensive plans, proposed zoning code amendments, re-zoning, and other planning matters as referred to them by the City Council.

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  19. Police and Fire Retirement Plan Commission

    The Commission reviews public safety retirement plans and makes recommendations to the City Council.

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  20. Port Wardens

    The Port Wardens regulate the placement, erection and construction of structures in the water, review permits for construction of marinas and wharves, regulate the use of mooring buoys, and generally to oversee matters related to the use of waterways.

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  21. Public Safety Disability Retirement Board

    The Public Safety Disability Retirement board shall conduct a hearing on the record to review and decide all appeals from Police and Fire Department Service Connected Disability Retirement Pension decisions made by the Human Resources Director.

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  22. Recreation Advisory Board

    The board acts in an advisory capacity to the Department and to make recommendations concerning the Department's budget, activities, programs, facilities and public relations.

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  23. Transportation Board

    The board's duties are to provide informed analysis of the facts relating to transportation matters affecting the City and all transportation matters pending before the City Council or before any City agency

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  24. Audit Committee

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  25. City Central Committees

    The two leading political parties elect party governing bodies, Central Committees, at the municipal primary every four years.

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  26. City Dock Action Committee

    The City Dock Action Committee is comprised of community members committed to creating a unique place at City Dock where all Annapolitans can experience a vibrant, walkable, water accessible and greener public space.

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  27. Housing Authority

    The Annapolis Housing Authority is a legal entity separate from the City of Annapolis.

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  28. Affordable Housing & Community Equity Development

    See information about this committee and access the agendas and minutes from past meetings.

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  29. Public Works Maintenance Facility Task Force

    Public Works Maintenance Facility Task Force Committee

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  30. Risk Management Committee

    Learn about the Risk Management Committee.

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  31. Civilian Review Board - Advisory Panel

    Civilian Review Board - Advisory Panel

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