Language Bank

Originally, the Language Bank was a tool of the hospitality industry when it was first conceived by the Office of Public Information in conjunction with the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Conference and Visitors Bureau (known as the Tourism Council at the time) back in 1987. With the number of visitors from foreign lands who choose to visit Maryland’s beautiful Capital City, it was felt the Language Bank could provide the means to extend a warm, welcome feeling...especially to those who might have some difficulty communicating in English.

Since then, we have found the Language Bank to be not only a hospitality tool, but a community resource as well. Over the years, Language Bank volunteers (and they are all volunteers) have been called upon by Public Safety officials, health organizations, hospitals, the Red Cross, the State of Maryland, Anne Arundel County, the City of Annapolis, and a host of other groups and organizations.

Updating the Language Bank

In updating the Language Bank listing which follows, we have contacted as many of the previous volunteers as possible in order to make sure their listing was both accurate and still desired. We also issued a call for volunteers through the mass media and were pleased with the response.

Contact People on Listing Before Visiting Annapolis

Availability and skills vary widely depending upon the particular situation of any given volunteer, so we urge you to explain your circumstances when contacting those on the listing to be sure the best possible match is made.

To see all of the languages and volunteers currently in the language bank please see the list below. 

  1. Alsatian Dialect
  2. American Sign Language
  3. Arabic
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. Flemish
  9. French
  10. German
  11. Italian
  12. Japanese
  13. Norwegian
  14. Persian
  15. Philippine/ Tagalog
  16. Portuguese
  17. Russian
  18. Spanish
  19. Turkish
  20. Vietnamese
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