Grant Opportunities


"Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, FY 2018 Local Solicitation"


Each year, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) of the Department of Justice, through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (BJAG) Program, allocates funding to states and to units of local government based on populations and crime statistics.  Applicants are limited to units of local government specified on the BJAG Allocations List found in the program description at   The list includes Annapolis.  Funds may be used for personnel, training, equipment, contractual support, and technologies to support criminal justice efforts. 

Funding allocations are based on BJAG-developed formulas.  Eligible agencies must submit an application and appendices per guidance issued by BJA.  The applications are reviewed, with final selections based on eligibility, relevance, and merit.    

Opportunities for Annapolis

The allocation for criminal justice activities in Annapolis under the FY2018 BJAG Program is $17,529.  Based on eligibility requirements, guidance, and imminent needs of the jurisdiction, the application from the Annapolis Police Department will seek funding to purchase a training simulator.  The system includes hundreds of "what if" scenarios used to train officers, especially in rapidly unfolding, dynamic situations.  Focus will include threat recognition, tactical judgment, and response decisions (including negotiation, use of force, or other responses).  A component of the training considers psychological influences, such as processing environmental clues and the effects of sensory input (light changes, noise) on perception.   The system will be portable and will be used for police officer training, for Explorer Post member training, and for use by residents who participate in the Citizens Police Academy.

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