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1. What is an MPDU?
2. What do you mean by moderately priced housing - is this low income housing?
3. Is this a subsidized housing program?
4. How do I know if I am in the City of Annapolis?
5. Is there a minimum income required to purchase or rent an MPDU?
6. Where can I get an application for the MPDU Program?
7. What must I include with the application?
8. Will you check my credit history?
9. I do not have a job, can I still apply?
10. If I am self-employed, what will you accept in the place of a pay stub?
11. I lost last year's tax return - do you really need it?
12. My last tax return shows more income than I now make. Will this affect my eligibility for the program?
13. I do not receive a paycheck stub. What can I submit instead?
14. When may I apply for a certificate?
15. After a person submits an application for a Certificate of Eligibility, about how long does it take to receive the certificate?
16. How long is a certificate valid? When a Certificate expires, can it be renewed?
17. How long do you keep my file?
18. What types of units are available through the MPDU program?
19. Once a Certificate of Eligibility is issued, then what happens?
20. What if I do not want to buy or rent the unit that is offered to me by a builder?
21. What if a Certificate Holder gets a pay raise between the time a certificate is issued and he/she purchases or rents a unit?
22. Does the type of MPDU available for purchase or rent depend on household size?
23. If I purchase or rent an MPDU, can I rent it to someone else?
24. Are there any limits on the sale price of an MPDU after the occupancy period is up?
25. Once the occupancy period has expired, can the owner sell to whomever they want?
26. How are the MPDU requirements enforced?
27. How much of a deposit is required with the sales contract for the purchase of an MPDU?
28. Does the City take action against MPDU owners who do not follow the covenants and program requirements?
29. May an MPDU owner rent his/her purchased MPDU?
30. Can an MPDU owner refinance their MPDU at current market value?
31. If an owner pays off his/her mortgage, does his/her obligation to the MPDU program remain in effect?
32. What is the occupancy period on a for-sale MPDU, and what does it mean?
33. Do you check the eligibility of renters once they are living in an MPDU?
34. How are the prices of rental units determined?
35. What other monthly costs, besides a rental payment, must I pay if I rent an MPDU?
36. What happens if a certificate holder wants to move out of their apartment when their lease expires?
37. How are the prices of for-sale units determined?
38. What is the occupancy period on a rental MPDU, and what does it mean?
39. What other financial means does an applicant need to purchase an MPDU?
40. What other monthly costs besides a mortgage payment must I pay if I purchase an MPDU?
41. What are the requirements for the home buyer classes?
42. Do you provide financing for my home?
43. Is assistance offered for down payment and settlement expenses?
44. Can upgrades be added to the allowable sales price of a unit and included in the mortgage?
45. Can a buyer have a cosigner for a mortgage loan?
46. What is the occupancy period for purchased MPDUs? What does this mean in terms of reselling a unit?
47. If I pay off my mortgage, does my obligation to the MPDU program remain in effect?