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1. If someone is interested in building a new house on a vacant lot recently purchased, which city agencies would be involved in the review process of this permit application?
2. I live in Eastport and want to add a family room and a second floor bedroom to my newly purchased dwelling. What should I do?
3. I have my eye on a commercial building for a possible coffee shop but am apprehensive about signing a tenant lease. What should I do?
4. Is an architect or engineer services required on drawing submittals?
5. Can an architect or engineer licensed in Virginia design and certify drawings for a project in Maryland?
6. Can an upper floor over a garage be remodeled to be used as a sewing room?
7. Can an owner add on to their house for their elderly mother-in-law?
8. What is zoning?
9. What are setback requirements for dwellings and storage sheds?
10. What is an administrative adjustment?
11. What is a variance?
12. What does "Critical Areas" under zoning mean?
13. Are temporary signs or banner signs permitted in the City?
14. Are off-site signs permitted?
15. What is a Planned Development?
16. I would like to do some renovations to my house. Are there any programs that can assist me?